Agricultural Sector

Agricultural business is not merely another sector we crunch numbers for, it is part of our very makeup.

Some of our team members come from farming families.  Specifically, our director, Niel du Plessis grew up on a diverse operational farm and is still involved in the running of various agricultural businesses.  If you combine this real-life farming experience with our sophisticated level of financial and accounting knowledge you have the perfect team to walk with you as your operation grows.



We put great value in the fact that your agricultural business could be new or have a rich history.  Generations have been and will be involved in the years to come.  As a farming business you not only need to provide food for the world, but you need to put food on your own table.  We therefore become invested in your past, review your current situation, and help you to make plans and goals for the future generations to come. We believe it is vitally important that the interaction between the relevant elements of wealth, risk and taxation planning be constantly evaluated to ensure optimal structures and succession planning.



In agriculture you must be open to adapt and evolve with all the constant changes in methodology, technology, economy, competition, laws and taxes.  There are so many more elements that affect your business daily, like the weather, availability and cost of equipment and changes within your family.  We pride ourselves in being on top of the game to adapt your processes with your ever-changing business.


An agricultural business has unique needs, and we believe that Auro Professional has the necessary background and skills to understand and appreciate the business that you are in.