Auro Professional: Gold Nugget

Auro is a family wealth office in which the administrative, fiduciary, management and risk aspects of our clients are addressed on a comprehensive basis.

Our focus is on the co-ordination of the various elements of your family’s wealth structures for optimal efficiency and maximum simplicity.

Auro means solid gold in Latin.

We deliver services associated with the characteristics of gold:

Value | Substance | Security

Auro derives from the Latin word Aurum, which means “shining dawn”. Every new day brings opportunities.
We help our clients to structure their wealth building process efficiently to ensure optimal continuance of their financial legacy.

Auro provides services as a family wealth office and this is grouped as accounting, tax and solutions.
We believe it is vitally important that the interaction between the relevant elements of wealth, risk and taxation planning be constantly evaluated to ensure optimal structures and succession planning.




Auro Professional Family Wealth Office The family wealth office is the one stop service provider where the administrative, accounting, wealth, taxation and risk aspects of a family’s wealth are managed collectively and holistically. This is achieved through...

Legislative Compliance

Legislative Compliance

Legal compliance is important in any business, big or small. Absence thereof can damage the company’s reputation and even threaten its very existence. Points to ponder: Are you aware of the legislation applicable to your business? How do you ensure that your business...

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

We all dream of leaving a legacy behind. To achieve this, we need to think and plan well ahead. You need to ensure that your business remains agile well after the most important key players, be it owners or valuable employees, move on to new opportunities, retire or...