It is always worthwhile to reflect on your “road to here”, in other words, thinking about all your experiences and the things that shaped your business to its current position.

We decided it might be worthwhile to share certain experiences around financial management with you and to do this in the form of a newscast. Each month we will discuss certain critical elements in financial management, and you are welcome to contact us should you require more information. We will try to keep it short and informative without making it too brief. The idea behind the newscast is to initiate certain thought processes for you to identify areas for improvement in your business.

Here is our first topic:

Cash flow forecasting and management

After working in the real world, you understand that cash management is crucial to the functioning of any business. Without cash, your ability to trade is severely hampered (if not eliminated in totality).

Points to ponder:

  • Do you have mechanisms and reports in place to forecast your cash position?
  • How cumbersome is it for your administrative team to collect this information?
  • How accessible is information relating to your cash flow management?

This need not be an overly complicated process, but you do need to try and work towards a unified, single source of information and manage it carefully and diligently.

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The Auro Team above: Lecia Blom, Ronél Niewoudt, Niel du Plessis and Adrienne du Plessis





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