The Holistic Approach

Auro Professional is a professional services firm specialising in accounting, tax and providing commercial solutions. We provide a holistic approach to wealth and taxation planning, as a family wealth office in which the administrative, fiduciary, management and risk aspects are addressed on a comprehensive basis.

But what does “holistic wealth and taxation planning” mean and how are these addressed on “a comprehensive basis”?

It does not take a genius to spot weaknesses in many individuals and families wealth and taxation planning. Often this is due to various aspects of implemented plans not being linked together. Examples of this could be how a will does not address the treatment of existing loan accounts, or how excessive or (more commonly) insufficient cash flows in an estate upon death. Another example could be where a trust deed is not aligned with the objectives of the settlor.

Ideally, you are the best person to look at your wealth holistically. You should have a thorough understanding of your own financial plans and strategies.

At Auro Professional, we can assist you with the necessary expert advice to ensure that you gain this understanding and proper linkage between the various aspects of your financial plan.  Our passion is to ensure that our clients are empowered and equipped with efficient financial plans and legacies.

Take the first step and contact us to embark on your holistic financial journey.